About Us


It was mid-quarantine when my mother and I had an unexpected chance to make a dream come true. With my mom's 22 years of teaching experience  and  my  freshly- minted degree from business school, we were determined to turn our shared passion for fashion into a tangible reality. We opened our own online clothing store, COCO, which is dedicated to women who want comfortable but chic clothes that could transition from day to night with just a few simple changes. It was more than just a business, it was a statement: that every woman should be able to find clothes that make her feel both comfortable and stylish. Our goal is to provide our customers with  the  best  possible  shopping  experience- we make sure to use high-quality materials, we work directly with suppliers to keep our clothes affordable, and we offer free shipping on all orders.

The success of our store has been an incredible surprise, and we're touched by the support we've received. We started getting orders from all over the world. Women were loving our clothes and we were loving the fact that we were able to bring joy to so many people. We expanded our line and started adding both new seasonal and classic pieces that work any time of the year for different occasions. Each item in our store is chosen with love and care, always keeping our initial mission statement in mind.

Thank you for considering Coco Boutique as your go-to source for stylish and comfortable clothing, and for being a part of our Coco Community! We hope you'll take a look around and find something that you love!

Your support is what makes our family business possible!

w i t h  l o v e ,
Gila & LeeNor