Top 5 Timeless Dresses You Need to Look Effortlessly Chic

Trends are super fun and are a way of trying new things and expressing your personality through fashion. I mean who doesn’t love an occasional fun trendy piece in their closet? Something about having pieces in your closet that will always look timeless and chic is just different. You’ll always know that it can be in your closet forever because it will always look good, and you will always feel like you have something to wear. It’s honestly an all-win situation! Here are some gorgeous dresses that you need to have in your closet to always have an effortlessly chic and timeless look!
 beautiful blue floral dress
Something about a gorgeous floral midi dress will always look effortless, chic, and timeless! If that’s what you’re looking for then we’ve found it for you! This dress is perfect for any occasion like a wedding guest, dinner date, or even a fun brunch with some friends. It comes in various colors and floral designs that all are perfect for your achieved look. It’s truly an item you need to own if you you’re looking for pieces that will last you a lifetime!
 black dress with shoulder pads
We have the iconic Coco Chanel to thank for making a little black dress the ultimate effortlessly chic and timeless piece! Due to her impactful influence we had to include this stunning dress. It also comes in khaki and white which are two other very neutral and classy colors that will never go out of style. By having multiple color options, you can choose which one fits best for you while still looking gorgeous! This is THE piece that every individual needs in their closet no matter what!
yellow boho floral dress
This dress comes in two neutral colors which is perfect for being effortlessly timeless. The gorgeous floral details add an element of chicness to the piece as well as its unique feature of tying straps. Its side slit also is a cherry on top to all the elegance! It’s truly the perfect dress that will last in your closet for years while also being a bit more on the fun side and allowing you to express yourself!
green maxi dress
This is a perfect piece to own for your summer wardrobe! The colors will always be fun and elegant no matter the year, and they’ll make you feel fun and bubbly as well as beautiful! It features a V-neckline and backless silhouette which is where its elegance and chicness lies. This is a timeless piece you need if you’re looking for something that will stand out from the crown and fit your personal style but will also always look good no matter what!
silk silver bodycon dress
This dress comes in three gorgeous neutral colors. It can be worn to fancier or formal occasions, but you can honestly wear it whenever you want! Who wouldn’t want to walk around wearing this stunning dress? It’s chic and timeless on its own but can be elevated even more by adding cute accessories. It’s up to your creative and unique imagination as to how you want to make this dress timeless for you!